The Somnambulist

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Grove of Whispers #004
Released at: Webbed Hand Records
Cover: BitJuice
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Noise: unwanted sound. Distraction.

A barrier to sleep, or when used to mask annoying sounds, a veil making it possible.

It frequently induces the psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia, leading one to hear voices.

The Sonambulist: a mixture of various noise sources you might find in a nocturnal environment. A car on a rain drenched highway, the hiss of a television late at night, a shortwave radio in search of a signal. The mind is provoked. Will it find order among the chaos?

Voices and ghost phenomenon provided by:

Bing Satellites
C.P. Mcdill
Disturbed Earth
Jeff Sampson
The Implicit Order