John Tocher - Before Dawn

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Grove of Whispers #003
Released at: Treetrunk Records
Cover: BitJuice
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Direct URL: Before Dawn
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I had been up all night listening to and working on music. Just before dawn a big storm was raging. Some storms have a way of energizing me rather than lulling. As you will hear, I left my H2 Zoom recorder running, jumped off the porch and drove off into the rain.

The voices heard throughout are processed and derived from a field recording of an annoying conversation. Repeated over and over was the phrase: "you know what question I hate?"

I'll let you guess what question that was.

Done live using AudioMulch, midi controller, hackintosh, personal field recordings. Drones fashioned from incidental overheard conversation. This is a companion piece to After Dusk. Which was also fashioned from field recordings made just in front of my home.

Dedicated to my friend Pete who passed on recently.